Emotional Foreplay is the Secret of a Scorpio Sorceress

During the month of Scorpio, you should stop your chatter and start communicating with your body. No matter what great thoughts you have, your body could resist without involving the emotions. After all, it is emotions that drive all our actions. So have fun revving up your sensual feelings.

Real sensual foreplay begins with your feelings, not your body. Time to awaken your outer senses of smell, sound, visual, taste and touch! And as you do, you’ll find your emotions rousing at the same time. Then you’ll be ready to delve into your inner senses, whisking you into the inner realms.

· Smell

Certain scents arouse your sensual self as well as your man. Go shopping for scented candles, especially vanilla, cinnamon and lavender. Go home, then very tantalizingly light your candle and succumb to its fragrant smell, allowing it to open your sensitivity. If you wanted to light all three, try cinnamon in the kitchen/dining room area, vanilla for your living room and bathroom, and save the lavender for your bedroom. When it’s time to invite your man, make sure the scented candles are lit, fan them slightly before he walks through the door. Ah, your magic has already begun!

· Sound

Music weaves its way into your emotions within minutes, so become a real connoisseur of sensual, enticing music. There are some real oldies that have a special allure like Old Black Magic, or That Old Devil Moon which can be really fun for the beginning of the evening. Reunion by George Skaroulis will put you in a vulnerable surrendering mood in moments. Experiment; Find which music stirs your most vulnerable emotions, the tender part of you.

· Visual

Dress alluring but with an expensive flair. Silk always makes you feel like royalty. You want him to equate you with someone he will want to cater to year after year. Red is a color that excites passion, while black promises more than he can see with the eye and hints of your unseen power. Remember Scorpio is about mystery, so do not be too revealing, just enough to entice him.

· Taste

Yes, it is true that the way to entrap a man is through food and alcohol. But remember, you want to increase your health as well as pleasure. Do not fatten him up or you, for that matter. Tonight it’s small quantities but ever so appealing in your presentation. Choose foods that are sensual in their appearance and texture; eat slowly savoring every bite. Same with your wines, it’s not about getting sloshed; it’s just about lowering resistance, especially yours. You want to remember every magical moment, and that means sips, not gulps.

Here are a few ideas to start you off, while you begin to think of your own favorites:

A winner always is oysters, both as an aphrodisiac and its sensual texture, highlighted with a glass of champagne or glass of white wine.

If it is a cold night, a creamy soup, like butternut squash or pumpkin, topped off with creamy yogurt can be heartwarming. Do not forget your spices for both the smell and aphrodisiac qualities like cinnamon and nutmeg.

A simple salad featuring half of an avocado is not only delicious but transmits an arousing subliminal message.

Pasta, like linguine, with marina sauce topped with a kielbasa sausage is a favorite with most men. Do not make the mistake of serving the sausage cut; serve it regally on top of the pasta.

Dessert can be a simple bowl of fruit to pick from. Make sure you pick the banana. It could be a bowl of berries with whipped cream topping, or a dark chocolate fondue that you dip strawberries into.

Small quantities of both food and drink keep the tease going throughout the meal. After all, it is you that you want him to savor.

· Touch

Why not start out with slow dancing? Then let him take the lead. He will know what to do from here and you are ready as your sensual feelings are fully alive.

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